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Friday, January 3, 2014

PARKINSON: Mind, Mood & Memory Chpt. 6--SLEEP & PD

SLEEP (OR NOT!)...You know what I mean!  This is a HUGE problem with many complexities.  Oppresive thoughts, thrashing arms, twitchy restless legs, falling and staying asleep (NOT!)?  This video is for you! begins chapter six...

Perhaps this series will give validation to those who have been told that PD is only a physical problem...
from NPF's handbook...learn the lowdown on emotional/cognitive changes, sleep disturbances and caregiver tips. In abbreviated form to bring you the most important features from this handbook, which may be downloaded from National Parkinson Foundation.  Look for other chapters on youtube
Chapter 1 PD and mental health                                                                              

Chapter 2  Emotional changes in PD                                                                  

Chapter 2 continued

Chapter 3  Cognitive Changes

Chapter 4 Psychosis  in Parkinson's

Chapter 4 continued

Chapter 5 Dementia with Lewy Bodies