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Sunday, March 26, 2017

“First Punch” – Indiana women write song to inspire fight against Parkinson’s

March 25, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There is a new song out this week that just may give you the pick-me-up you have been searching for.
The song was written by two Indiana women hoping to inspire anyone going through a tough time. It's called "First Punch."
Singer Heather Richardson from Bloomington co-wrote the song with her friend Lisa Cox, from Zionsville. Cox was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2012.
Cox found strength and therapy for her Parkinson's at Rock Steady Boxing on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Rock Steady offers classes for people diagnosed with the disease.
"The title, 'First Punch,' says it all for me. Before I started Rock Steady, I pretty much felt despair and felt a lot of sense of loss, and my husband I couldn't see anything but just a downward spiral," Cox said.
That changed after she started boxing. 
"Taking that first punch... I never turned back," Cox said.
The chorus to the song gives voice to the struggle of those fighting Parkinson's:
"Take a step inside the ropes, In the corner you'll find a source of hope, Put on your gloves and start to fight, Stand up and take back your life, Dig deep, find strength and trust, Throw that first punch."
Every Saturday dozens of boxers meet at Rock Steady for a group class. This Saturday, Richardson welcomed the class by singing her new single. Cox sang along while the other boxers rocked to the music. Some were so emotional, they cried as Richardson sang. 
"When I sing 'First Punch,' I have an incredible sense of excitement and compassion because I think about my friend Lisa, who has been battling this disease and I think about how every step she's taken physically and emotionally. It's been hard. It's not easy. And so when I get to sing those lyrics, I get to help inspire others to take those steps," Richardson said.
Though Cox and Richardson have a strong friendship and musical connection, the two first met through Heather's 8-year-old cousin, Bella Cates. Cates is a student at the Zionsville school where Lisa is a counselor.
Cates is battling cerebral palsy and after watching Cox, Cates now boxes too.
"Boxing brought out for her the strength to want to strengthen her body too. We say Bella's weak side is her right side, my weak side is my left side so we say we balance each other out," Cox said.
"'First Punch' is kind of an analogy for anyone who is facing some kind of fear, and needs to stand up and face that fear and find hope," Cox said.

“‘First Punch” was produced by Matt Price.
Full Lyrics: 
First Punch
Written by Heather Richardson and Lisa Cox Copyright 2017
Verse 1
I know you're down and feeling beat
And struggling to move your feet 
In this world that seems unfair
It's hard to smile in your despair
Pre Chorus
So listen
Listen for the battle cry.
To get up get up and try
Take a step inside the ropes
In the corner you'll find a source of hope Put on your gloves and start to fight Stand up and take back your life Dig deep, find strength and trust Throw that first punch
Verse 2
As morning light breaks through the night You’ll start to feel your spirits rise Now you've got the spark to win Don't let your fears hit back again
Knocked down–-indiana-women-write-song-to-inspire-fight-against-parkinsons

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