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Monday, February 27, 2017

Eldwick mum and son Wendy and Finlay Rowan lose their hair for Parkinson's UK

February 27, 2017

WHEN ten-year-old Finlay Rowan decided to help other people like his grandad, who are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, he enlisted the help of his mum.
“He told me he wanted to have his head shaved to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK - and he said, ‘’Will you do it with me?’ I couldn’t really say no, could I?” laughed Wendy, of Eldwick.
“Finlay was just nine at the time, and he had already raised £184 for the charity from a coffee morning. His grandad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease five years ago, he was in hospital last year and has been very ill.
“Finlay wanted to help in some way. He said, ‘Even if it’s too late to help my grandad, I can try and help someone else’s’.
“It was all entirely his idea. I’m so proud of him.”
The mother and son had their hair shaved off by stylist Caroline Broadbent at Avenue Boutique in Eldwick, and they hoped to raise £,1000 for Parkinson’s UK.
“At the last count we’d raised £1,885 and there is more coming, so we’re hoping to reach at least £2,000, which is brilliant,” said Wendy.
She added: “I was nervous about losing all my hair, but Finlay wasn’t nervous at all. He took it all in his stride.
“They put my hair into plaits first, then hacked them off and shaved the rest. It feels quite strange, but I’m getting used to it. It feels a bit cold around the hairline and the back of my years which I was surprised at because, although I had quite long hair, I nearly always had it up.
“I’m getting used to being bald now, and I’m looking forward to my hair growing back so I can experiment with different styles.”
Now Wendy is donating her hair to children’s cancer charity Candlelighters to be made into wigs for youngsters who have lost their hair through treatment.
“Finlay hadn’t had his hair cut for four months; he was growing it for the head shave, but unfortunately it still wasn’t long enough for a wig,” said Wendy.
Finlay, a pupil at Eldwick Primary School, said: “I liked having my hair shaved off. It only took a few minutes.
“I wanted to do something to help people with Parkinson’s Disease, because my grandad has it. I wanted to raise money to help other people who have it.”
Parkinson’s UK campaigns for better care, treatments and quality of life for people with Parkinson’s Disease.
The charity raises awareness, aims to change perceptions and works in partnership to drive better services. It provides information on the condition; funds research; offers support and opportunities to patients, families and carers; and provides local networks and an online discussion forum, allowing people affected by the condition to make contact and get involved in social and therapeutic events.
To donate to Wendy and Finlay’s fundraising appeal go to

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