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Monday, August 7, 2017

AgeWise: Answering questions about dementia

August 7, 2017

Q: I’m caring for my father who has dementia and came across the Duke Family Support Program. Can they help me in Winston-Salem?
Answer: The Duke Family Support Program (DFSP) has been answering questions about dementia and caregiving since 1980. The program offers telephone and email consultation, and educational services to North Carolina families, friends and professionals caring for any adult with declines in memory and thinking.
Though based in Durham, the program’s social workers can connect Winston-Salem area families to services and support in and around Forsyth County. DFSP also provides access to Project C.A.R.E. (Caregiver Alternatives to Running on Empty), a respite and consultation service for families caring for relatives with dementia in the home.
Additionally, twice per year the DFSP publishes The Caregiver newsletter, along with a monthly e-newsletter that provides timely events and tips for caregivers.
The program also offers (free of charge — by phone, email or mail) to all N.C. residents:
  • Help with care decisions and coping strategies.
  • Personalized tips on caring for people with memory disorders.
  • Research updates and options for participation in Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention studies.
  • Help selecting support groups, education programs, online help or books.
  • A comprehensive information packet on Alzheimer’s and caregiving.
Caring for someone with a memory disorder can be physically, emotionally and financially exhausting. Educating yourself about the disease and available services can change your perspective.
For more information or to connect with the Duke Family Support Program, call 919-660-7510 or go to For more information on Project C.A.R.E. contact Karen Phoenix at 828-485-4267 or email her at
Q: Can you tell me if there are any support groups for people with Parkinson’s disease or their caregivers/family members in our area?
Answer: Parkinson’s Forward is a support group that meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 1 p.m. until about 3 p.m., at the Senior Services building on Shorefair Drive.
he next meeting is Monday, Aug. 28.
The group has no dues and is open to any person living with Parkinson’s, caregivers, family members, friends or anyone who is interested in learning more about the condition.
Oftentimes, speakers from the local medical community attend the meetings to answer questions or give updates on research into causes, treatments and therapies for Parkinson’s patients, as well as information on diet, exercise, home modifications or other ways to help patients and families live better with the condition.
In addition to information and support, the group hosts social events such as the Memorial Day picnic and a holiday potluck dinner in November.
Some members and families also meet informally for dinner at a local restaurant one evening each month to enjoy each other’s company.
For more information contact Alice Estes at 336-945-2366, email, or Carol Gearhart, email
There are other support groups that meet in Forsyth County. If you are seeking a support group for Alzheimer’s, dementia or other medical conditions please contact and request a support group list.

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