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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Parkinson's Disease - Living with tremors

February 14, 2017

Some diseases are curable and some aren't, Parkinson is considered one of them. Parkinson is more like a disorder than disease. In India alone there have been 1 million reported patients of Parkinson, unlike other sicknesses Parkinson cannot be cured.

The cure is unknown to us and so is the cause, scientists are still scratching their heads in regard of this now solemn disease that has taken over the medical world. The disorder is commonly diagnosed in elderly people with ages around and above 60, but then again there have been cases focusing children as young as 16 to be diagnosed with Parkinson's.The treatment of a patient with Parkinson's disease in India is full of challenges. India is a vast country with varied ethnicity, great cultural diversity and a large generic pool. Therefore some treatments may/may not work with certain genetic formations. Parkinson is a lesser known disease, but deadliest among all and this doesn't kill a person but makes the patient's life miserable. 

Five in three families have a patient fighting against Parkinson's disease. The symptoms are very much overlooked by us all in the likes of our mentality that this behavior is common in elderly people (symptoms). 

The symptoms include stoop personality and walking, coordination and movement difficulty, stiff muscular movement, imbalance, fatigue, disturbance in sleep pattern, anxiety and apathy, urine problem symptoms are ever-growing and vary. 
Having no cure makes this disease sufferable and difficult to deal with and many amongst us overlook this to entirety leaving the patient in the midst and to battle the disease on their own. Many of the patients themselves never speak of their teething troubles in the illusion and fear of being tagged as an insane person and some elderly never express this out of love since they don't want to bother anyone.
Difficulties are endless but with stable approach and compassionate and helpful mindset we can all help our elders in this battle and their suffering. In the past few years we have developed enormously and rapidly researched in the field of medical science. Although there is no medical or scientific treatment regarding Parkinson, but love and compassion is what you can give and help with. 

Dealing with patients with Parkinson's disease is quite like dealing a delicate child, you've to monitor and take care of every single thing from food nourishment to clothing to daily chorus. With affection and right handling there's no way the disease could go any worse.

In conclusion, we have only one way, which is to keep moving forward. Modern science does sow many seeds of hope and optimism, but we still are a long way from cure. Parkinson's partner diseases, like for example Alzheimer's disease, are still incurable. 
Cure is coming ever so close but it's ever so far, nonetheless this shouldn't weaken our hope and our love for our elderlies as we all can tackle Parkinson easily, if we approach calmly. Nothing is impossible!

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